BINDING MEMBERSHIP: Membership is binding for a whole season. There can only be written cancellation or changes of the membership in the first month that is ​paid for. After the first month upgrades are allowed but membership cancellation is NOT possible.

NON-BINDING MEMBERSHIP: Membership cancellation or changes allowed with 14 days notice before the 1st of the month in which the member wishes to stop.

CHANGING CLASSES: Changing which specific class you attend is allowed as long as the new class is not full and not practicing for the end-of-season show. There is a fee of 50 Kr, but free if you have unlimited membership.

CREDIT TRAVEL/SICKNESS/INJURY: A member can get the equivalent amount as credit for extra classes in the current- or next season in the case of documented travel exceeding 2 weeks outside of Hotstepper holiday periods or valid hospital/doctor documentation for injury or serious sickness that prevents dance activity for more than 3 weeks outside of Hotstepper holiday periods. New documentation is required for periods exceeding 2 months. Note that membership payment will not be put on hold.

REQUEST FOR MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION/ON-HOLD/CREDIT: only via email to tilmelding@hotstepper.dk and wait for confirmation of accepted request. The request will not be accepted if there is a lack of valid documentation or the request is not in accordance with our terms and conditions. For example a binding membership can not be cancelled after the first month. Only non-binding membership can be put on-hold.


First membership payment can be paid cash or via mobile pay at the school – or bank transfer to:

Danske Bank

Sort code: 3409

Account: 4636167436.


Membership subscription is to be paid the 1st in every month and after the first month is automatic via PBS or credit card. Late payment fee is 100 Kr.

Paid amounts cannot be refunded and lack of attendance does not exempt from payment.

There can be price adjustments if enrollment is in the middle of a month, if membership has been put on hold or if there is late payment.

If under 18, parent/guardian is accountable for outstanding payments.


Season start and end dates: 15/08/2022 -28/05/2023

School and public holidays are included in the subscrition prices. So each month is the same price.

School Holidays:

Autumn holiday……17/10/22 – 21/10/22

Christmas holiday…22/12/22 – 04/01/23

Winter holiday………13/02/23 – 17/02/23

Easter holiday………..03/04/23 – 10/04/23



UPDATING PERSONAL INFO: It is the responsibility of the member, or parent/guardian if under 18 years, to inform us of updates in member data such as contact information or payment details.

END-OF-SEASON SHOW: is in May. 95 Kr for the participation fee is automatcically paid via the PBS/credit card subscription service in March. Performing students do not have to pay extra for a ticket to watch the show. There can be extra costs for clothing and costume that students wear for the show. Each class teacher will agree with students on what to wear for the show. Participation in the show can be cancelled latest 1st April 2023 and payment for being in the show will be refunded. After 1 st April 2023 there will be no refund of payment for being in the show. Cancellation has to be via email to tilmelding@hotstepper.dk

SUBSTITUTES: Professional dancers get booked for jobs, tours and travel abroad for dance courses and competitions. Those are the conditions in the dance industry. If a teacher cancels, Hotstepper will find a substitute.

VIDEO & FOTO FOOTAGE: is sometimes recorded at classes, events and shows. Footage can be used by Hotstepper for example in print, online, advertising or PR.

KIDS CLASSES: can be watched at the trial lesson, and in the end of the last class in a month every month until February.